Faces of Homelessness Speaking at R.H.A.M. school.

As a member of “Faces of Homelessness” speakers bureau, I get the privilege of talking at schools, church groups, and universities, about the real life experiences of a homeless person. I spent many years of my life homeless and addicted, and am glad to share my experiences with young minds. The title of my speech was “How Writing Saved My Life”

I told the true story of how I survived in prison by writing for the other inmates, usually for a 32 cent Ramen noodle. How I literally saved marriages, got people bonded out, and saved one guy six months on a sentence. I taught myself how to do sentence modifications and more.

After being released, I began writing for “The Beat of the Street” newspaper (Hartford CT.) and then got a scholarship to attend Goodwin College. After winning the college poetry contest and a few bucks, I entered a national humor poetry contest with over 5,000 entries and received honorable mention and a few more. I am now working on a memoir titled “Confessions of a Scrap Metal Junkie”

Here is a link to my Facebook post which is a photo of some of the awesome kids we spoke to at R.H.A.M.