Thoughts On God?

                                       Thoughts On God

      Who is God I ask myself? Is it just a label given to something nobody really understands? If I were a lawyer, scientist, or head shrinker, I might try and infer some things from his/her behavior that would give me some clues as to who he/she/it actually is. I could try asking, but would I recognize the answer, when, or if, it ever came. Maybe I would…maybe not? Or, because of implicit bias, I might find the answer I needed, simply because I was looking for it. Kind of like the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, or a government study sponsored by big pharma.

    Here’s the thing that I keep coming back to. If there is an entity of some kind, that designed, built, and/or plays a hand in, the destiny of humankind then it is obviously of a far superior intellect than are we. This entity knows a whole lot of things we don’t. Like how to build a universe, and keep it going all this time. Not to mention, the past, present, and future. This entity may or may not have the same concept of time as we do because time is largely a man-made concept. This could explain a lot.

    What else can we infer from looking at this entities work…namely us…humans, planet earth, space, etc.. Well, thanks to Hubbell we now know that expansion is not only real but to everyone’s surprise, is accelerating for some unknown reason. If we are saying this entity designed and built this vast universe, then it is also responsible for that accelerated expansion. Hey Charlie, What’s the big hurry all of a sudden? Did you forget your car keys again?

    This entity would also be responsible for the affairs of men. No, not like Monica Lewinsky, but like wars, famine, snipers, computers, pizza, all sorts of stuff–the good, the bad, the ugly, (and the uglier than that). So when things get real crappy down here on planet earth, the Greeks would just blame it on one of the hundreds of possible gods, sacrifice a baby, and keep it moving. I wonder what happened next, did they all look at the mother and say “hey lady…my crops died…what in the hell took you so long”?

    That is where free will, as it is called, comes in. What is free will, if not another invention of this God dude, or dudette, if you prefer? If that is true, then is free will really free? Or is it just God’s will, with our little dope stamp on it? Are we the middlemen for God’s agenda? I feel so cheap…all this time I thought you loved me…You were using me!!  

   A different scenario would be that he/she/it built free will into the program to see what it would do? A sort of God experiment. If that is true, when you look at the state of affairs here on planet Earth, you can’t help but wonder if the experiment has gone slightly awry. The inmates are running the asylum…the Frankenstein monster has broken loose…Soylent Green is people..Donald Trump is president .etc., anti-etc.,dark etc., etc..etc..

    The other possibility is the entire concept of God or Gods, is an idea born as a way to cope, as a way to explain, and as a way to comfort, us deaf, dumb, and blind little mice. As a way to help us deal with the mystery of our own deaths and the deaths of others, we care about. If that were true than it says that we created God, instead of the other way around. Just like they did in ancient Greek civilization, except our present god is a singular entity, not a whole incestual first family of deities and idols to worship.

    I once read somewhere, that humans “design gods around their needs.” Maybe we do? In that case, we have more control over our God, then he/she has over us. That probably doesn’t sit so well with some folks. But it is fine for Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostics, Immanuel Kant, and best selling authors of self-help books.

    It would seem, like most people, I have a whole lot more questions than I do answers. I don’t know if that will ever change. What I do know is what I see happening every day in this world. Death, destruction, war, famine, drought, greed, indifference, and more…mixed with love, respect, decency, forgiveness, compassion, and a whole host of other amazing displays of humanity. It’s complicated.

    The biggest thing I struggle with is when people claim to speak as experts on God. Certainly, any almighty creator can use whomever he/she chooses to be the messenger of the day. Maybe it uses all of us equally…even the really bad folks who have been on the naughty list so long that they appear in Time magazines bibliography of seriously bad people. But, some people like to claim some form of expertise on the entire subject of God’s intentions. I can’t understand how anyone can claim to know the intentions of an entity who is so far superior to us, that it created us, and our little dog Toto, too. It’s not like we wouldn’t listen if we heard it direct from him like Noah did. (God on line one…should I tell him to hold?)

    The Lord works in mysterious ways is a reference to God’s agenda, and sort of implies that it’s his/her stuff and he/her can do what he pleases with it, but that he/she does know what he/she is trying to achieve. The all powered entity has a plan for mankind. Well, that is good and fine, as long as you don’t read the bible; Because the plan in the bible is a little unnerving. The ending is called Revelations, and it don’t sound like no Sunday picnic…ey Boo Boo?

    I don’t even know if calling God-God is the right thing to do? Who decided that was what we should call this all knowing, all seeing entity? Is it short for something else like Godfrey? OMG!! Gilbert Godfrey could be God’s full name. The mystery is solved…Praise the Lord!!! Just imagine if that is what God sounded like…oh boy.

    Faith is believing without any evidence. Prayer is a one-way conversation with the big man. According to Jim Morrison “You cannot petition the Lord with Pray-ya!!” I am not sure I can take spiritual advice from someone calling himself “Lizard King” even though it sounded pretty darn convincing on the album at the time. The problem I have with attaching a label to something this ubiquitous and all powerful, is, as soon as we do that, we bring some of our own preconceived notions along with the label. G-O-D. three little letters that can literally change everything, at literally any time. But what do they really mean?

    A priest once told an old friend that “A relationship with God is an individual thing” I am not sure if that helps or not? A relationship with a ten-year-old boy is an individual thing too…that don’t make it right? All jokes aside, there does seem to be a kernel of truth in that statement. Wars are even fought over who has it right. My God has a bigger button than your God. This is probably the most baffling part of all. If you don’t agree with my God…then I have to kill you…just seems ludicrous in the modern world. I may never get the answers I seek, but maybe if I could get just one answer…It would be a great start–Whose God thought of that idea?  I have a few words for him, her, or it.

Get Rich Raising Brain Eating Amoeba

Get Rich Raising Brain Eating Amoeba

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Random Rant: Food Stamps

Food Stamps and Social Media
That’s right folks it’s random rant time here at the Today’s topic is food stamps and social media. I have observed several different forums for bashing food stamp recipients on the world wide web, some of these include memes, you-tube video’s, and commentaries about what people buy and the possibility of drug testing food stamp recipients. Since people are so eager to share their opinions while ducking behind their little monitors and bravely punching their silent keystrokes, I think I am entitled to share mine. At least I went through the trouble of creating a blog which seems somehow more legitimate than just sharing someones nasty little meme to make a point.
First of all is someone buys steaks or twenty pounds of Frito’s what business is it of yours, it’s food, let them eat what they want. This is addressed to those you-tubers who think it’s so funny to harass people on gov’t assistance. Really, if it makes you feel better about yourself to laugh at people when they are out grocery shopping, then I say go check your priorities. Maybe we should come to your house and make a video about all the food you probably waste on a daily basis. News flash–you aren’t the food stamp police cowboy, so mozie on back to your inbred clan and find a better use of your non-existent talent okay there video gangster.
Sure, I know, you work hard and pay your taxes, so everybody else needs to pull there own weight. Another news flash: the ones that aren’t paying taxes are the people like Donald Trump, who are so greedy they want to take and take without putting anything in to the system. The people who are struggling are not the ones you need to worry about, they pay taxes on everything they buy and use, it’s unavoidable. When they get on their feet they don’t hire fancy accountants and lawyers to keep them from their obligations.
This is for all you meme pirates: drug testing people on assistance is just another way to grow gov’t. Our gov’t does nothing efficiently…nothing. The whole drug law bullshit was just a big fat excuse to lock people up, steal their money, and create more division among the classes. Nobody will tell you this, but I will, without the underground economy the whole system comes crashing down. The black market is equal to or larger than the above board economy. When the shit hit’s the fan, like it is in Venezuela right now, it’s the black market that helps people survive. So don’t be so quick to condemn everything and believe all the propaganda peddled by the secret agenda oriented media.
One last point. If you are fortunate enough to have a steady income, to be healthy enough to enjoy the fruits of your labor, then rejoice, not everyone is so blessed. Sure there will be abuses, sure some people will take advantage, but we shouldn’t look around at our nice houses, our newer automobiles, our plentiful resources, and say “hey, someone else is getting a free ride.” Don’t make the assumption that everyone on food stamps is taking advantage of the system. I was an active addict for over ten years, I own that, I don’t want assistance, I need assistance. Now I am in college working on my degree. I look forward to the day when I can put more in than I take out. Technology has made it real easy to push a few buttons and express your opinion, try looking a mother in the eye and telling her no she can’t have food for her hungry child. We are so blessed to live in the bread basket of the world, feeding our own people not only reduces crime and helps maintain order, but it is the right thing to do.
The Smyth has Spoken

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