Beat of the Street article Jan. 2018

    Barb’d Wire by Ralph Gagliardo

    Another year has passed, and it’s been a duzey. That term–Deuzey–as some of you car buffs may know, came from the Deuzenburg, which at the early part of the last century, was a marvel in automotive style and engineering. Today, you might find one in an automotive museum–if you’re lucky enough. In their day, they were extremely expensive and competed with Rolls Royce for the high-end automobile market. Still, I would be willing to bet, most millennials have never even heard of one. Times do change; technology changes too.

   I was fifty years old when I got my first laptop. I had a basic understanding of how they worked, but never actually did anything, like set up an email, or get involved with social media, or even play games, like poker or trivia. Those things wouldn’t happen until after I received that glorious Chromebook; the very same one I am writing this article on right now. The laptop that was given to me as a gift, for graduating the B.O.T.S. School of Creative Learning back in 2012. I had no idea how crucial having a computer would be until I got one. It would be impossible to survive academically, in Goodwin College, without it.

    Yes, I went back to school at age fifty, too. Charter Oak Cultural Center in collaboration with the awesome folks at Goodwin College, worked together to provide that opportunity for me, and for anyone else who graduates from the B.O.T.S. school. For me, this was a blessing beyond what words can express. I am truly grateful to Donna Berman, and Mark Scheinberg, and would like to take the liberty of expressing gratitude from all the graduates, past, present, and future, who feel the same way.

   I am now in my third year of my journey into higher education, and the doors continue to open. I can remember, it was not so long ago, when I was in a halfway house, and one of the requirements was that we attend N/A or A/A meetings. It was at one of those required meetings, where I first heard the expression “If you do the right thing…the right thing happens” I admit I was a bit skeptical. Is it really that easy? I thought. What does that even mean “The right thing happens”?  I was a skeptic…but now I am a believer, (and I think I know what it means.)

   What it means is essentially this: When we move towards becoming who we are meant to be, then the universe will make the necessary adjustments to help that process along. Take the steps…the doors will open. The “right thing”, means the right thing for you–the heart is your compass. For the fulfillment of your destiny, the discovering of your true purpose on the spinning blue/green orb, known as earth, you must merely take those first small steps. Once you get the ball rolling, it is like a locomotive, picking up speed as it moves along its track towards finding the real you, and your true purpose. One of the secrets I discovered is this: When you align with your true purpose–you find joy–not only in the destination, but also in the journey; even when that journey is difficult.

   See that folks!! Only in the Beat of the Street, will you get this much wisdom, for less than a nickle (Way less.) So much less, that if you wanted to donate…we wouldn’t object…just sayin…(you know how it is..times are tough.) Anyway, Happy New Year!!! To the readers, writers, and rithmatic-ers. Rock on, in 2018. Your da’ Bomb!!! Now go out there and find yourself…the world is watching…(and help is available, you just have to know where to look.)